Unveiling the Mysteries of Rowtor Rocks: A Hidden Gem in Derbyshire

Nestled on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Birchover in Derbyshire lies a hidden treasure – Rowtor Rocks. This cave complex, rich in history and intrigue, has fascinated adventurers and history enthusiasts alike for generations. Join me as we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets and stories that make Rowtor Rocks a unique gem.

Rowtor Rocks: Nature and Human Artistry Unite

Rowtor Rocks is a remarkable fusion of nature’s wonders and human creativity. Its interconnected tunnels, caverns, and meticulously carved rocks adorned with symbols like serpents, circles, and cups showcase the intersection of nature and artistry. The site even features stone steps, thrones, and altars that hint at a deeper, perhaps ritualistic purpose.

The Enigmatic Reverend Thomas Eyre

The origins of Rowtor Rocks trace back to the 17th century and are attributed to the remarkable Reverend Thomas Eyre. What sets this story apart is the intriguing dual nature of Reverend Eyre. Despite being a local parson, he was also a Druid rumored to practice witchcraft.


Legend has it that Eyre used Rowtor Rocks for Druid ceremonies and composed his village sermons while seated on stone thrones he had crafted. Additionally, he created caves within the complex for entertaining friends.

Rowtor Rocks: A Place of Worship and Mystery

Beyond its caves and carvings, Rowtor Rocks holds another fascinating secret. Reverend Thomas Eyre’s connection with the site led to the construction of a private chapel beneath the rocks, known today as the parish church of St. Michael. What makes it intriguing is its complete absence of windows on its two primary sides, adding a layer of spirituality and mystery to the narrative.


Separating Fact from Fiction

While Rowtor Rocks might evoke images of ancient Druid rituals and symbolism, it’s crucial to clarify the truth. Recent historical discoveries reveal that these stones were hand-carved by Reverend Eyre in the late 18th century.

Eyre, a member of the Ancient Order of Druids, may have presented Rowtor Rocks as a Druid stronghold, possibly to attract tourists or due to his personal fascination with Druidism. While the connection to Druidism is genuine, the rocks themselves lack the ancient Druid origins often associated with them.


An Enigmatic Journey

Rowtor Rocks stands as a testament to the intricate interplay between nature, artistry, and history. The legacy of Reverend Thomas Eyre, a multifaceted individual, continues to intrigue and inspire visitors today. As we explore the caves and decipher the carvings, let’s remember that truth can be as captivating as fiction. Rowtor Rocks exemplifies the enduring power of human imagination and the allure of the unknown, awaiting those who seek to uncover its secrets. It’s a hidden gem worth exploring in Derbyshire’s rich tapestry of history and intrigue.

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