Bronze Age

Discovering the Enigmatic Froggatt Edge Stone Circle: A Glimpse into Bronze Age Mysteries

Deep within the serene landscapes of Derbyshire, England, lies a remarkable ancient structure that has intrigued archaeologists and historians for centuries. The Froggatt Edge stone circle, also known as Stoke Flat stone circle, is a Bronze Age embanked stone circle that has stood the test of time. Although partially damaged, this enigmatic site holds valuable insights into the beliefs and rituals of our...

Minninglow Hill: A Window into the Prehistoric Past of the Peak District

Minninglow Hill is an ancient site located in the Derbyshire Peak District, just off the High Peak Trail, closest to the villages of Pikehall and Parwich. This site is a collection of ancient tombs scattered throughout the woodland on top of a hill, marked by a distinctive double ring of beech trees that can be seen for miles around. Minninglow Hill is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in...

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